Life After People

What would happen if everyone on Earth suddenly vanished?

That is the premise of the series Life After People from the Historical Channel which   explores what would happen to the world after you and I have long ceased to exist. It is an interesting watch if you are building a potential post-apocalyptic world.

The series doesn’t really explore how or why people could disappear (I guess that has been explore quite thoroughly in other mediums). Personally I’d love to watch an episode on a post-Zombie-Apocalyptic world.

The reason this series is important to artists, designers, writers and other creative content creators is that is not only explains but shows you what happens to a world devoid of human life. It showed how plants would creep back into the cities and destroy it brick by brick and return it to its pristine natural form. It shows how animals would return to their natural basic instinct and behavior. How water would corrode and destroy even the sturdiest of buildings.

It really makes you wonder.

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